Tricks To Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

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Tricks To Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Finding out that you have high blood pressure is never fun. It oftentimes means choosing to go on prescription medication to help control and lower your pressure. Unfortunately, those medications come with a pretty wide range of possible side effects.

They also must be taken continually to work properly and once you start you cannot simply stop taking them, you must be weaned off of them or you risk a rebound rise in your blood pressure which could result in stroke or even heart attack.

When elevated levels are first detected most doctors will take a conservative wait, monitor, and see approach. This helps to eliminate any falsely raised readings from a stressful day, white coat syndrome, or even too much caffeine.

When the readings come back continually in an elevated or dangerous range it is time to think about proactively taking steps to get it under control. The natural approach is a good first step as it works for many and can help you avoid needing to be dependent on a medication.

Let’s take a look at what nature has given us that can help support a lower more healthy blood pressure range.

Celery – Eating or juicing just 5 stalks of celery a day has been shown to lower blood pressure up to 10 points!

Hibiscus Tea – This beautifully red delicious concoction is made from the hibiscus flower. It has a sweet flowery taste and is easily made into both hot and iced teas for any season. It can lower your blood pressure in just one cup a day by 5 points on average.

Raw Almonds – When added to a healthy diet can help to lower blood pressure.

Weight Reduction – losing even just a few pounds can promote a better more even blood pressure because your body will work less hard to distribute blood.

Quit Smoking – Every cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure for up to 30 minutes after you finish.

Drop the Caffeine – Caffeine raises blood pressure significantly.

Limit Alcohol – Alcohol raises blood pressure. When done on a regular basis it can be damaging.

Control Your Salt Intake – and switch to pink salt. It has trace minerals in it and is a healthier choice than regular iodized table salt.

Chiropractic Treatments – Regular chiropractic treatments can also help keep your body working properly helping to support normal blood pressure.

If these changes in diet and lifestyle do not do the trick it may be time to consider prescription medication to control your blood pressure. Trying the natural route first may just work for you!

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