Could Your Symptoms be from Heavy Metal Toxicity?

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Could Your Symptoms be from Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Heavy Metal Toxicity is far from the first thing doctors look for.

It is tough to diagnose because it very closely mimics so many other potential issues. Unless you suspect you have been exposed somehow it can go undetected for years.   

Let’s start with the basics: Heavy Metal Toxicity presents in two ways –  Acute  &  Chronic.    Acute  Metal  Toxicity:  Sudden  onset  from  immediate  exposure  can  show up as:

  • A headache    
  • Nausea   
  • Cramping    
  • Convulsions    
  • Sweating   
  • Vomiting    
  • Difficulty with  motor  skills
  • Breathing issues    
  • Impaired  cognitive  skills 

If you are experiencing any of the above-listed issues especially paired or multiple,  please seek medical attention immediately.

When it comes to the chronic buildup of heavy metal toxicity over time: It is always due to a chronic and ongoing exposure. Symptoms are much more subtle. They can easily be dismissed or mixed up with other health problems.  Chronic heavy metal exposure builds up in the blood and can  present  as 

  • CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression    
  • Digestive  problems    
  • Aching  joints    
  • Inability to process sugar   
  • Female issues 
  • Watering  eyes 
  • Chronic  headaches    generally  one  side  of  the  head 

While it may seem like a far-fetched diagnosis there are many ways it can happen where people become exposed, unknowingly to contaminated sources.

These sources can include:

Your diet – If you are deficient in essential metals your body will attempt to find them any way necessary and will mistakenly use toxic metals as replacements. These incorrect metal forms can be found in pesticides,  herbicides,  rainwater, soil,  and air exposure. If you aren’t feeling your best and you cannot seem to find relief or explanation, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.  Left unchecked heavy metal toxicity can lead to permanent damage to the body and organs. 

Vaccinations  vaccines contain both mercury and aluminum.

Fluoride  – Exposure can be daily thanks to fluoridation of the water supply as well as toothpaste.

Non-Stick Cookware    (especially when scratched, it can  expose  you  to  nickel  which  is  carcinogenic and many people have an actual allergy to it as well)

Smoking    Cadmium poisoning is a side effect of smoking that many do not know of.

Cosmetics    Many makeup brands are made of aluminum as a base. This  can contribute  to  the onset of Alzheimer’s 

Dental work – Amalgam fillings (the old silver ones we all remember), as well as any dental work that contains metal alloy, can contribute to toxicity.  This can be bridges, crowns, veneers, and more. Ask your dentist for porcelain only.

Nutritional Supplements     Sadly some low-quality supplements can do more harm than good! Some colloidal slivers can lead to silver poisoning and other supplements can be high in lead,  mercury,  and can contain metals arsenic. 

Cleaning  Products  – Commercial cleaning products can  contain  metals  and  other  toxins

Insecticides  &  Herbicides  –can  contain  metals  and  other  toxins 

Non-precious metal jewelry    Avoid  wearing  costume  jewelry  if  you  are  sensitive  to  metals (especially nickel and copper)

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