How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Brain

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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Brain

Occasional sleeplessness is par for the course in anyone’s life. Regular insomnia leading to sleep deprivation is not and if you are experiencing it, it is important to address it so that it can be corrected. Our bodies need sleep in order to repair, rest and function at full capacity. Over time damage can be done by a serious lack of sleep.

Losing sleep doesn’t just make you groggy during the day it actually affects the way your neurons fire inside of your brain. This can make mundane daily tasks, which usually come to you automatically, more difficult and even daunting.

Tired neurons fire more slowly and with less actual force. Your brain becomes foggy and unable to process information, especially on a visual level. This is why driving when you are overly tired become a particularly dangerous idea. If your reaction time is slowed significantly it could very easily lead you to be the cause of an accident.

When neurons fire at a slower pace it sets the subject into an almost dreamlike state of being. This suggests that while awake the patient’s brains were actually trying to doze off, causing mental lapses even while the remainder of the brain is awake and functioning as usual.

Severe and prolonged lack of sleep affects the brain almost in the same way that drinking excessively does. Unfortunately, so far there is no field “sobriety” test for sleeplessness during a traffic stop, despite the fact that sleepy drivers are just as dangerous as those found to be inebriated.

If you are having trouble sleeping, there are other answers out there besides prescription sleeping pills which can leave you feeling worse off the next morning and lead to possible addiction over time.

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