How to Safely Detox From a Vaccination if You are Required to Get One

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How to Safely Detox From a Vaccination if You are Required to Get One

There has been great debate as to whether or not to vaccinate against a wide array of ailments. The evidence is mounting that it does vastly more harm than good and should be avoided. Both sides of this debate feel strongly about their stances.

There have been measures taken by our government to try and implement mandatory vaccinations especially in schools and certain workplaces such as hospitals. This goes against our constitutional rights and against all morals and ethics to try and force citizens to inject foreign substances into their bodies or the bodies of their children. Vaccines have been linked to autism and neurological damage as well as cancer and contain known toxic ingredients listed right on the insert. 

If you do get vaccinated, what can you do to help boost your immunity and protect your health?

You can do a vaccination detoxification with all natural ingredients. By supplementing as suggested below if, for whatever reason, you do receive a vaccination it will help protect you significantly against the toxins and other dangerous chemicals and viral fragments in these vaccines. Additionally, these same steps also help to speed recovery from all forms of flu!

What is this magical combination?

Vitamin C

Milk Thistle



Colloidal Silver

NAC(N-acetyl Cysteine).

Vitamin C – Adults take 2,000mg/day for immune support and chelation of metals used in the vaccines. *Begin taking this several days prior if possible, and 1 full week afterwards.

Milk Thistle – This is a powerful liver detoxifier. 175-200mg/daily.

Chlorella – A potent cellular detoxifier and cleanser it also assists in heavy metal chelation.  5g/day.

Oscillococcinum – is a homeopathic remedy that helps alleviate unwanted flu and flu vaccine symptoms. It provides relief for trauma caused to the body. It comes in small tubes which contain pellets. They are to be taken sublingually (under the tongue). Note: do not brush your teeth just before or after taking these, as mint can counteract its effects.

Colloidal Silver – Adults take 2 oz. per day minimum for effective immune support. If possible take several days prior and a week after receiving an injection.

That covers the actual supplementation. Here are some other helpful actions you can take.

Cold pack: Place a cold pack on the injection site as soon as you can, and keep icing for 2 days (10-20 min on every couple hours).

Fasting: Fasting is one of the quickest ways to flush the toxins through and out of your system. To do a proper fast, abstain from eating food, but drink as much water as you can. 24 hours minimum, and up to 3 days. You can also do a juice fast, drinking just fresh vegetable juice, but it isn’t quite as effective.

Sauna: As soon as you get vaccinated the sauna should be your next stop (if at all possible). Stay in for at least 20 minutes. Sweat released contains heavy metal and toxins.

Sun exposure: Vitamin D3 protects against microorganism invasion and balances your immune system.

Last but not least: Parsley/Celery/Cilantro: Juice and drink, as well as add to foods and eat. They all assist in detoxification at a rapid cellular level.

Your health is your number one asset. We strongly urge you to protect it!

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