Mid January Check In – How Are You Doing on Your New Years Resolutions?

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Mid January Check In – How Are You Doing on Your New Years Resolutions?

The glitz and the glamour of New Year’s Eve invites us to open up to our dreams of would could be and resolve ourselves to change. That is only step one. Step 2 and hundreds of mini-steps after that are one foot in front of the other, day after day, one action after the next. It’s the commitment and the resolve to keep going even on days when we just simply do not feel like it.

We are now halfway through January. As a health provider, I also consider myself a health motivator. Because of that I wanted to check in with all of our readers and ask the question “How are you doing?” personally and with your goals.

We would love to hear from you in the comments.

Sticking to your goals require faith. Faith that not only do you want whatever set end goal you chose, but faith that you can get there. Faith in yourself and your abilities.

Delays and setbacks can be schedule oriented – in which case you have to do your best to either re-arrange or work around the obstacles.

Delays can also be mental or emotional – you may have that little programmed voice telling you that it’s a waste of time or you cant do it. Tell that little voice to go away. It is wrong. You are powerful and can do anything you set your sites on. Just know that voice isn’t in your best interest. It’s not there to help you, so ignore it.

Delays can also be physical. If you are dealing with pain or illness it makes it super tough to complete workouts or be focused enough to get through some days. With this hurdle, I would like to help. If you are dealing with chronic or acute onset pain, illness, depression, or even disease, please stop simply resigning yourself to feeling bad on a daily basis. Life should be about more than just survival.

Chiropractic and other non-drug based non-invasive modalities can help your body get back in alignment and allow it to heal itself. We want to work with you to help you achieve whatever you have in mind for your life… Call us today at 239-332-2555 and get back to feeling like yourself so you can stop feeling stuck.

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