Remember Those Red Chewable Fluoride Tablets the Dentist Gave Us as Kids to See How Well We Brushed?

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Remember Those Red Chewable Fluoride Tablets the Dentist Gave Us as Kids to See How Well We Brushed?

“Ewwww  – Look at your teeth!” *giggle

I think anyone who grew up in the 80’s recalls these weird little disclosing tablets. They were used for demonstration purposes in school and at the dentist to show you how well (or not well) you were brushing. You would smile in the mirror and see little left-over red flecks.

While fluoride is not good for you, nor is FD&C Red Dye No.3 the idea is brilliant. We wanted to show you a better healthier way to get your kids (and you) to brush your teeth thoroughly while also boosting your over all health. What could be better?

What’s the trick? – Chlorophyll.

Grab a bottle of liquid chlorophyll and follow the directions on the bottle. Its usually 10 to 15 drops as a serving. Place it under your tongue so it absorbs well sublingually. Drink some water. Then go smile at yourself in the mirror. Kids find this hysterical. Your teeth and tongue will now be brilliantly green.

green chlorophyll teeth

Chlorophyll washed teeth before brushing with charcoal toothpaste

You will need Charcoal toothpaste

Regular old toothpaste will not do the trick. The charcoal absorbs and removes stains and toxins in the mouth and on the teeth. Scrub your teeth and tongue liberally until they return to normal. Your teeth and mouth are now healthy and clean. Both the chlorophyll and the charcoal are great for your gums, tongue, teeth and entire mouth as well as your body.

The benefits of Chlorophyll – Chlorophyll is what makes plants green and healthy. It contains antioxidants and vitamins and holds therapeutic properties that can benefit the entire body. It can help stimulate the immune system, detox the body, eliminate fungus, clear your intestines, get rid of body odor and bad breath, help prevent cancer, and give you energy. It helps build your blood, helps with weight loss efforts, and even works as a natural deodorant from the inside!

Clean white detoxed deplaqued teeth post charcoal toothpaste brushing

The benefits of Charcoal – Charcoal helps to remove toxins, and promote kidney function, may reduce cholesterol and can help reduce gas.

There use to be an old saying that got lost somewhere along the way… “Green inside is clean inside!” and it holds true. The combination of chlorophyll and charcoal not only show you visually the way to the best dental habits but they also help heal your cells.


Important Note: What goes in green, comes out green – so do not be shocked! 😉

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