Reasons Your Cold May Linger Longer

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Reasons Your Cold May Linger Longer

It is hitting us hard here in Florida this year.

Cold and Flu season is upon us and taking hold of everyone it can manage to cling to. We have turned into a residency of watery-eyed, sneezy, nose blowing zombies. At least that is how many of you are describing your selves lately.

Colds and flu usually will pass rather quickly, this year it seems for many to be clinging and sticking around. The fact is the better shape you are in immune system wise, before a cold the better bounce back you will experience.

When your immunity is already knocked down and you catch a cold or flu, watch out. It may stick around a while.

Let’s look at the main reasons you still feel symptoms even though it sure seems like they should be gone by now.

  1. You could be Vitamin D Deficient. While it is less likely in Florida, the Sunshine State, it still happens, especially in fall and winter months where we aren’t lying by the pool. Massachusetts General Hospital found that those with the most flu symptoms were the lowest in Vitamin D.
  1. You take the wrong Meds. Cold medications make you feel better temporarily but they suppress your immune systems ability to fight germs and viruses off as well. This causes a longer healing time. If you are able, just deal with feeling bad for a few days and it will pass sooner. A steamy bowl of hot water with eucalyptus oil to inhale gives greater results than over the counter cough meds and decongestants.
  1. You try and fight through it. What your body needs is rest. It’s become the American way to keep on trucking and go to work even when sick. This really needs to stop. If you want to get better you need rest.
  1. You go through with travel plans anyway – if you are sick there is nothing worse you can do than travel. Exposing yourself to hundreds of strangers in train stations, airports, subway stations, cabs, Ubers, city streets, stores, and more. Not only is it opening you up for further problems and the possibility of making yourself iller, but you are also spreading the germs that you currently have. It’s a lose-lose situation. Cut your body a break and take a nap. Save trips for when you feel well.
  1. You are dehydrated – Not drinking fluids continually can delay healing. Drink up. Hot herbal non-caffeinated teas, orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, even an occasional hot toddy can help. In China, they believe in the Hot Water Cure. Drinking the hottest water they can take to help loosen everything up. They are on to something.
  1. Taking NSAID anti-inflammatories. They work absolutely, but they also slow the healing process. Try instead Turmeric and Bromelain.
  1. Antibiotic overuse and misuse – Antibiotics are great for bacterial infections when used as needed. They do nothing at all to fight viral infections. Unless you know what you have exactly and they are recommended by your doctor stick with eating garlic, oregano, blue cheese, and raw honey. They are 4 of the strongest natural antibiotics you can get naturally.
  1. You haven’t seen your chiropractor in ages – Getting regular adjustments boosts your immune system keeping you healthy and strong.

We wish you wellness this cold and flu season!

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