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Nature’s Super Antioxidant Healer – Oregano

Oregano is a must have for every medicine cabinet and not a bad idea to keep in your first aid kit either.

A member of the mint family, it has often been called nature’s most potent antiseptic.  It has been described as one of the strongest known anti-inflammatory substances and, in terms of reversing pain and inflammation; it has nearly the power of morphine.

Oregano oil has powerful anti-viral properties.  Studies have shown it to be highly damaging to many kinds of viruses including Staph, E-Coli, Listeria and even MRSA. It has been demonstrated to be 99% effective at reducing airborne bacteria as well and is an excellent lymphatic stimulator and fights off fungal infections. A recent medical journal study compared the anti-candida effect of oregano oil to that caprylic acid.  The results indicated that oregano oil is over 100 times more potent than caprylic acid against candida.

Oregano oil has been certified by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe); however, it is a very “hot” oil, so dilution is a carrier oil is recommended, especially for ingestion. You can purchase Oregano Oil capsules over the counter at any grocery or drugstore.

Common uses for oregano oil:

-Fungus and athlete’s foot infections (pop open a soft-gel and apply 2x daily)

-Respiratory ailments



-A sore throat



-Congestion, loosen phlegm and quiet coughs.  Either applying it topically (diluted, unless applied to the bottom of the feet) or diffused, it offers you excellent benefits.

-Intestinal infection

-Digestive issues

Diffused into the air for its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, to clear the air of pathogens (for this method oregano oil must be pure – not mixed with a carrier oil)

As with any antibiotic if you are choosing to use a natural antibiotic for an infection make sure that you do a full course. In other words… don’t just use it until you feel better. Keep going for a minimum of 5-10 days. As with all antibiotics, if you quit taking them just when you begin to feel better, the bacteria that remain may actually rally and come back stronger giving you less of a chance to be able to fight them off should you choose to start again.

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