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Homeopathic HGH – Transdermal Human Growth Hormone

The office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C., has found a way to revitalize your wellbeing and bring back the feelings of health you had in your youth. This may sound like doing the impossible but the fact is – it can be done.

Here is how!

On average, around the age of 30, our biology starts to slow. This can mean weight gain, foggier thinking, lines beginning to show on our faces, all the signs of age. We live in a youth-obsessed society where many of us will do literally anything to fight the signs of aging. Much of what is on the market and available can be a hindrance to our health if not downright dangerous.

We finally have an all natural answer

Human Growth Hormone also is known as simply HGH. HGH is a widely studied and scientifically documented hormone which drops in natural regulation as we get older. HGH, produced by the pituitary gland is what brings about growth in children throughout the natural life cycle. It helps control body composition, muscle growth, bone growth, fat and sugar metabolism, heart function, and all the fluids in the body. It essentially is a hormone that keeps you young and active.

Athletes have been turning to HGH for years to enhance performance and recovery as well as stimulate new muscle growth. The problem is that many products have been found to have side effects and even be harmful in its synthetic form.

You may even have seen supplement pills that promise to kick your body into gear again and trick it into producing HGH naturally. These claims are widely unfounded in science.

While we have believed in the power of HGH up until now we have never suggested it to our patients, let alone considered selling it in our office. Finally, an all natural homeopathic product has hit the mainstream market. SOMADERM™ Gel by New U Life works on a cellular level. It offers a cutting edge scientific breakthrough using the power of HGH.

The gel is applied topically and transported transdermally to the blood pathways in the body. Transdermal application is far more absorbable and effective than pills which lose potency during digestion.

You no longer have to accept the symptoms that come with age. With SOMADERM™ Gel, you can regain your youth. SOMADERM™ Gel – the ageless standard.

Interested? Come in for a consultation and talk with Dr. Kaster, D.C. to learn more!

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