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Natural Support for High Blood Pressure

One in every three adults suffers from some level of high blood pressure. That is an astounding number and a scary statistic. We live in a high-pressure world and our health is reflecting that back to us. The medical community seeks out pharmaceutical remedies to treat the symptom while those of us in the natural health world would rather find options that help to heal and treat the root cause.

It can be tempting to simply ignore high blood pressure readings, but it isn’t in the overall best interest of your health. It can result over time in damage to the arteries, heart failure, ruptured blood vessels, kidney issues, vision problems, drop in cognitive function, metabolic syndrome and even life-threatening aneurysm.

Before reaching for the phone to get a prescription for high blood pressure medication, consider some of the more natural approaches which have been shown to work on many who experience higher than desired blood pressure readings.

Take a look at possible culprits

Emotional stressors

Excess caffeine or alcohol


Carrying extra weight

Lack of activity

Taking birth control pills

Too much salt in the diet

Heavy metal toxicity

What you can do proactively to get your numbers in check

Alter your diet – the foods you eat fuel your body. Adding in items like olives and flax seeds, lots of fruits and vegetables, fish high in omega-3 and healthy fats like coconut and olive oils. Reduce grains.

Magnesium – helps to relax blood vessels. It can immediately impact blood pressure. 500 mg a day is a great starting place for most people.

Potassium – coconut water, bananas, melons, and avocados are just a few of the potassium-packed foods that can help with hypertension.

CoQ10 – This antioxidant helps to support heart health. 200-300mg a day is great for blood pressure support.

Fish Oil – 1,000-2,000mg daily. Inflammation of the arteries is a prime cause of high blood pressure. Fish oil is high in EPA, DHA, and Omega’s. It helps control and reduce the inflammatory response and can, in turn, help to reduce how hard your heart is having to work.

Chiropractic Adjustments & Massage – When your body is in proper alignment your nervous system works at top speed. This gives your body the best chance at regulating itself, which after all is the ultimate goal in health. Massage is not only relaxing, which can help bring down hypertension, it is therapeutic and helps the body release toxins and stress as well as tension.

So before reaching for that medicine bottle – consider some of these tips. They may just change your life.

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