Do You Feel Fatigued and Run Down?

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Do You Feel Fatigued and Run Down?

If you are like many Americans, you feel tired, overwhelmed and run down yet you haven’t been over exerting yourself in ways where that level of exhaustion is warranted. It isn’t an exact pin-pointable symptom that stands out, yet you simply “don’t feel well.”

Fatigue and tiredness are becoming accepted as just the way things are in society due to our crazy overcommitted schedules when the fact is that feeling that way on a consistent basis is not normal no matter how much running around you may have to do.  Fatigue that is not improved by bed rest has other underlying issues than just lack of sleep, though insomnia can play a part as well.

Conditions that can cause fatigue include:






Thyroid issues

Addison’s disease


Congestive heart failure





Bipolar Disorder


Lack of potassium




Iron deficiency

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Food poisoning

Urinary Tract Infection

Sinus infection







Lyme’s Disease

Crohn’s disease

Cellular toxicity

Stomach Ulcer

The fact is that you do not have to have an underlying major diagnosis to feel chronically exhausted, and it is very likely not “all in your head”, as you may have been told.

One of the simplest ways to uncover the cause or causes is to find a practitioner who offers Nutritional Testing. Through nutritional testing, they are able to discover any imbalances within the body – toxicity levels, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, weakened organs that need strengthening and help rebalance and boost the immune system through the use of properly tailored diet recommendations combined with supplementation.

Getting on a wellness program can, over time, detoxify and re-feed the body allowing it to begin to heal and work at full capacity once again.

The media and misinformation have caused many of us to believe that as we age, it is normal and even expected to feel less and less well and that our only option is to cover that gradual unwellness with medications that mask the symptoms. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that as we age, our bodies do require maintenance (natural health care). When that is done – good health IS our natural state.

If you are ready to stop feeling tired and get back to health, give us a call here at by calling 239-332-2555 and get a full nutritional evaluation done.

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