Easy 3 Day Post Holiday Detox!

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Easy 3 Day Post Holiday Detox!

With the holidays comes an overabundance of well, pretty much everything. Laughing, drinking, rich foods, overindulgence has become a trademark of American holidays. While we all enjoy these times with family and friends immensely, it can also leave us feeling not so hot physically.

You may be feeling bloated, sluggish, worn out and even have packed on a few unwanted pounds. Food these days has all kinds of unwanted chemical additives on top of the extra calories. It’s time to do a post-holiday detox.

One of the most natural and simple detoxes you can do at home was put out by the Earth Diet a few years ago. It can be found by clicking here.

This is a super simple juice cleanse that only takes 3 days, though you can do it for longer if you wish for even better results.

It is important to take on a cleanse when you have time to rest a little and be good to yourself. While many people will not have any detoxification symptoms, others do. It depends on your level of toxicity.

During a cleanse – you may experience:




watery eyes

Stuffy nose

generally feeling under the weather

or other symptoms coming back up again for healing.

That is what symptoms really are in a detox – they are a healing crisis. A brief showing of old releasing toxins which you may have experienced before. You can distinguish the difference between a detox symptom and actually being sick in that a healing crisis you may feel for an hour or so and then it fades. Sickness just sticks with you for days.


1.  Following the oil pulling also use a tongue scraper to really get everything out of your mouth that you just drew out.

2.  Drink as much water as you can with this! It is what flushes the toxins out once released.

3.  The first day or so is usually the hardest. By day 3 you should be feeling markedly better.


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