Customized Weight Loss Programs That Work in Fort Myers, Florida

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Customized Weight Loss Programs That Work in Fort Myers, Florida

Haven’t you had enough of the yo-yo dieting?

Balance your weight and get results that last with Kaster Chiropractic and Nutritional Services.

This is the very last “diet program” you will ever need. We hesitate to even call it that because of the stigma fad diets have gained over the years, but for lack of a better term we will stick with it.

Our program a lifestyle makeover. Easy to follow and stay with this is not a crash diet. This is us listening to your goals and considering your current health profile to create a program specifically for what your body needs nutritionally and exercise wise in order to help promote the loss of unwanted weight while reducing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and whole-body inflammation.

This program promotes healthy eating and dietary supplements, combined with lifestyle changes and exercise.

Initial assessment and recommendations

  • Acute weight loss plan
  • Nutritional changes to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of diabetes and inflammation
  • Supplements to suppress your appetite, and boost energy
  • Exercise guidelines
  • Weekly follow up visits to make you accountable, and to adjust or make changes to your tailored program

See Results and Feel Amazing

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The program emphasizes quality food choices, portion control, and exercise. By following Dr. Kaster’s regimen, you’ll burn more calories than you consume and lose 0.5-2 pounds per week. We will be testing you using the bio impedance machine which helps is to set a customized plan for your specific needs which helps you achieve your short-term weight loss and long-term maintenance goals.

The first two weeks of the plan will jump-start the weight loss process. The purpose is to induce weight loss by changing your body’s metabolism from carbohydrate burning to fat burning. It does require self-control and dedication; fortunately, the results will be significant, and this will not be your permanent way of eating.

Though the amount of time needed varies from patient to patient, with all there are three phases.

  • Acute (First 2 weeks) this is the jumpstart phase.
  • The Transition Phase
  • The Maintenance Phase

Initial Assessment is a program fee of $125. It includes:

  • History and physical exam
  • Vital signs, height, weight, BMI, and Waist circumference
  • Nutrition and exercise consult
  • Diet plan and educational handouts
  • Natural supplements recommended to suppress appetite and increase energy levels
  • Starter kit which includes:
    Food and exercise journal, carbohydrate counter book, bio impedance testing including basal metabolic rate / basal metabolic index / lean to fat mass ratio. Supplements and Natural appetite suppressants are additional, a 60-day supply averages $150-$200.


There is a Weekly Visit Charge of $25. Included in that is:

  • Vital signs and weigh-in
  • Consultation
  • Sublingual B-12 60 tablets available
  • Bio impedance testing recommended every 2 weeks

If you are serious about changing your body and your life and you are in the Fort Myers, Florida area it is time to come see Dr. Kaster at Kaster Chiropractic and Associates. 239-332-2555

Let us show you just how good you can look and feel!




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