Do Cleanses Really Work?

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Do Cleanses Really Work?

There has been a lot of debate lately raging on the internet as to whether or not doing internal cleanses actually work or if they are even necessary.

The truth is there is validity to the argument that cleanses are not necessary.

The only problem with that is that it only holds true under ideal circumstances where we live in a controlled environment and are not exposed on a daily basis to a barrage of chemicals from daily life. Many of us try and live as cleanly as possible – we eat organic food, choose household cleaners and laundry detergents that don’t contain dangerous chemicals, choose organic makeup and health products, yet we still have toxins in our air here in Florida.

We spray for mosquitos with Dibrom, many of us use RoundUp on our lawns which is carcinogenic and that leaches into our water system, our pets pick it up on their feet and carry it in to our homes, we deal with toxins from Red Tide blooms and Blue Green Algae blooms which cause us allergies and weaken our immune systems.

The fact is most of us have raised toxicity levels at this point even if we are not yet presenting with symptoms, or our symptoms can also be very easily missed or misdiagnosed.

Doing internal cleanses is akin to changing the oil on your car. Think of your liver and kidneys as your oil filter. If you drove your car under harsh conditions for years, with the same oil filter in place, never changing it out or adding in new clean oil, how well would your car run?

Not only would it not run so well, eventually it might actually catch fire, blow up or blow a head gasket. Your body will try and compensate as best as it can but eventually, something will give. You will experience a slow down in your ability to heal and may experience problems health wise – anything from headaches, to muscle aches, to even cancer.

So while yes your body was designed to clean and clear itself, it was not designed with this modern-day onslaught of chemicals in mind. Our bodies can use some help from time to time.

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