Could You Benefit from Adding Colostrum to Your Supplement Regimen?

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Could You Benefit from Adding Colostrum to Your Supplement Regimen?

You may have seen bottles of Colostrum on the shelves of vitamin stores over the years and not thought much of it. It hasn’t received a lot of attention yet it can have a very positive effect on the body.

Colostrum is a fluid produced by the breast glands in humans and animals before milk is released. It contains elevated levels of antibodies (proteins that fight infections). It promotes growth and wellness in baby humans and animals and studies have shown it to be beneficial in adults as well in supplement form.

The supplement form is bovine colostrum. It comes in both liquid and powdered (capsule) forms.

If you are vegan this supplement would be on the pass list, but for everyone else, it could be helpful to boost your immune system. It is rich in fats, carbohydrates, minerals, growth hormones, digestive enzymes, and disease-fighting proteins. This immune-boosting supplement can help your body fight off diseases, prevent or help treat diarrhea, and massively boost gut health. The other main benefit and the reason people choose to use colostrum is to reduce systemic inflammation and reduce pain.

Please do note that if you are allergic or sensitive to milk you should not take colostrum as it may produce similar effects. It’s important to know your source when buying colostrum as many cows are now raised with antibiotics and pesticides and these will come through in their milk. Make sure the brand you choose is tested.

There are so many amazing natural helpers out there it’s not possible for most people to catalog all of that information in their heads. That is why working with a nutritionist can give you a jumpstart on getting your health in order.

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