The 2019 “Worst List” of Food Ingredients

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The 2019 “Worst List” of Food Ingredients

While we all know what foods are good for us – vegetables, grass-fed meats, nuts, clean water, fruits, and pretty well anything that comes from nature, unprocessed, we are bombarded with other foods that taste great but are really quite horrible for us.

Lets take a look at the top “worst” offenders and what damage they can do.

#1 Artificial Sweeteners

There is no upside to artificial sweeteners. They are toxic. They have no calories, yet make you more hungry so you end up consuming more food and calories anyway. They have been shown to be potentially carcinogenic yet the FDA continues to approve their use. Avoid if you can.

#2 High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

While it’s made from corn, these days its mostly GMO corn. Your body processes the sugar in high-fructose corn syrup differently than it does cane sugar. It actually alters your body’s natural ability to stop eating when you are full. It can quickly lead to weight gain.

#3 Sugar

When you consume sugary drinks or treats you get an energy rush due to the insulin spike. It happens approximately 2 hours after consumption. While natural sugars are not unhealthy, processed sugar is. It should be avoided if possible. Stick with sugars from natural fruits.

A study done by the USDA reported that the average American consumes 134 pounds of refined sugar every yearly. That may seem unreasonable but if you drink soda, eat candy, or even cereal that has sugar in it, it adds up.

Sugar contributes directly to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones, cavities, and hypoglycemia. Decreasing your sugar intake can boost your health.

#4 Hydrogenated Oils

Manufacturers love it because it never goes bad or rancid. The problem is it can take a healthy oil and make it very unhealthy. It is often labeled as trans fat as well.

#5 Saturated Fats

Saturated fats should be kept to a minimum. These are the fats that will, over time, clog arteries and cause issues.

#6 White and Enriched Flours

Look for whole grains instead. Why would you bleach a food and then try to add vitamins and minerals back in? Leave nature alone.

Want to get your meal plan in check and make sure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it craves to operate at the highest level possible?

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