Did You Know Your Legs Are Likely Uneven? – (LLI) Leg Length Inequality

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Did You Know Your Legs Are Likely Uneven? – (LLI) Leg Length Inequality

While it’s normal to assume your legs are the same length, it is very rarely the case.

We think of the human body as symmetrical. The truth is there is some degree of asymmetry in most people. It’s so common in fact that it is called LLI (Leg Length Inequality). This is the medical term for one leg being shorter than the other.

There are two types of LLI.
1. Anatomical LLI. This refers to a leg which is actually physically shorter due to unequal growth, breaks, or birth deformities.

2. Functional LLI. This is the case when an imbalance is caused by a subluxation in the foot, ankle, hip, or knee, or pronation of the foot. When this happens it causes one leg to be slightly shorter than the other and throws your entire body off balance. It can cause stress and undue tension on all joints as well.

While you might think you can tell if you have one leg shorter than the other most of the time the difference is imperceptible with the average difference being 25mm or less. Many people stay off balance for years and never know it is the cause of their pain.

Just a 1/4″ or less off can cause issues.

The Fix

If you are found to present with LLI and it is found to be a functional issue it can often be corrected with chiropractic adjustments. If it is an anatomical issue a shoe lift or orthotics will likely be suggested to even out the difference.

When first wearing orthotics make sure to wear them in slowly. 1 hour the first day and slowly increase from there. Your muscles will be readjusting and it can make you feel sore.

Ultimately though the readjustment will bring you better health and a happier life.

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