Daily Stress Reduction Tips to Help Keep You Sane During Insane Times

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Daily Stress Reduction Tips to Help Keep You Sane During Insane Times

This may very well be the most stressful time in history in which all of us have been alive. It is not segregated to one section of the country or even the world. This is unprecedented. The entire world is in a panic due to this pandemic combined with protests which have been mutating into dangerous riots.

No matter who you are, what sex, creed, race, or nationality – this IS stressful. We are all feeling it in our own ways.

Stress is the number one reason for illness and disease. It is vital to take steps NOW to help combat the potential damage it could be doing to your body.

Managing stress needs to be a worked in daily lifestyle factor. Here are some of our favorite tips to help get you back to feeling in sync with your life and yourself again.

  • When you wake up stop reaching for your phone. Give yourself some time to wake up before you are inundated with social media and news. No one needs that kind of jolt of adrenaline in the morning seeing all the shenanigans that have transpired from the night and day before.


  • Stretch, drink some tea or coffee, or even better yet some lemon water to get your digestive system going.


  • Take a nice hot shower and allow your body and muscles to relax.


  • If you have time in the morning, do a quick 10-30 minutes of fasted cardio. It will get you up and moving, burn calories, increase your metabolism, and get the feel-good chemicals in your body going.


  • As your day progresses, make yourself a to do list. Checking off items accomplished can help keep you on track and make you feel good about what you have gotten done. It also helps to keep your focus on your own personal world.


  • Take breaks. Get up, walk, stretch, make a call to a friend, write a letter, whatever you need to do personally.


  • If you notice your mind racing, do some deep breathing. Close your eyes and move inward.


  • Spend at least 15 minutes outside every single day. Get sunshine and let your body produce Vitamin D. Walk barefoot if you can and connect with nature.


  • Dress comfortably, even if you need to be professional. Make sure your clothes and especially shoes fit well. If your body is bound up its hard to relax.


  • Meditation can do wonders. Meditating daily has been shown to help improve happiness levels and lower blood pressure.


  • Say no when you mean no. This one is huge. Saying yes to please other people when it goes against what you really want to say is a major source of stress.


  • Get adjusted by your chiropractor regularly. Routine adjustments help your body stay in alignment allowing your nervous system to work and send electrical signals to every organ in your body, brain included. Misalignments absolutely can affect mood and cause anxiety and even depression.


  • Express gratitude. Not enough people feel appreciated these days. If someone does something nice or helpful or even if you just have a positive thought about someone come to your mind. By all means, tell them. It can make a world of difference in their day and how they view themselves.


  • Turn off the news. It only serves to stress you out. Be informed, not obsessed.

We would love to see you in our office. We can help with stress and happiness by way of keeping your body running as it should with proper care and nutritional advice.

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