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Coming Down With a Cold?

Help stop it in its tracks by revving up your immune system.

The plan of action

Nano Silver 10ppm 3x daily 1 spoonful.

Oscillococcinum – This is a homeopathic medicine for flu-like symptoms (body aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue). It is intended to shorten the duration and intensity of any cold or flu.

2,000mg Vitamin C every 6 hours. (liposomal Vitamin C absorbs the fastest)

Oregano oil capsules or essential oil (1 capsule 2x a day) or oil applied to the back of neck brain stem area as needed. (note: Oregano is a “hot” oil so if you have sensitive skin mix 2-3 drops with a teaspoon of coconut, safflower or other oil before application.)

Drink a gallon of pure clean non-fluoridated water throughout the day. Add a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt for the trace minerals. 

For a cough: Pineapple juice helps as well as mixing a hot toddy of – Apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon full), Lemon (fresh) 1/2 squeezed into the mug, hot water,  a dash of cinnamon, add honey to taste.

Warm fluids like hot tea, soups, coffee, all help and just feel good

Rest and take good care of yourself.

Chiropractic Adjustments – If you feel under the weather chiropractic adjustments can get your nervous system working at a higher capacity and actually speed the body’s healing ability.

Hang in there – You will feel better soon.

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