Are You Working Out The Right Way?

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Are You Working Out The Right Way?

It seems every time I step into a gym and look around I see tons of very well-meaning people trying their best to get in shape. They are making the effort and putting in the time, investing in themselves and the future of their health. All of this is incredibly motivating and positive. What I also see though is that a good percentage of them have incorrect form during many exercises.

Bad form not only will not produce the results you are looking for, it also can very easily lead to injury as well as additional wear and tear on body parts you are not even meaning to target.

When beginning any exercise program it is advisable to first go visit your chiropractor. Let them get you in proper alignment and make sure that you have no physical limitations that should be monitored or looked out for. This is very much along the lines of the same train of thought that says you should go get an alignment on your car before taking a long road trip so you don’t wear your tires or other mechanical parts unevenly.)

Additional to spinal alignment we can also get you set up on a nutritional plan to make sure you get the maximum results from your workouts.

To get back to the topic of proper form. The majority of gyms do offer an introductory session with an in-house personal trainer. It is a wonderful idea to take, at the very least, this one session. You can talk with them about your goals and ask questions about machines and weight-bearing exercise. If it is in your budget, schedule a few more sessions until you feel you have the hang of it.

Once you feel the way to do an exercise properly you will realize the difference from an incorrect movement. The right way will allow you to focus on the muscle or muscle group being worked. When done incorrectly you are overcompensating with other body parts to complete the movement.

A great thought to go by is – when in doubt? Ask. It will save you time, frustration, wasted effort and even possibly save you from an injury.

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