Why a Chiropractic Adjustment Won’t Hold and You Need Repeat Visits

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Why a Chiropractic Adjustment Won’t Hold and You Need Repeat Visits

If you are new to chiropractic you may wonder why, since you just got adjusted, they may recommend repeated visits or to come back in shortly again. It can seem counter-intuitive, after all, if you just got adjusted, are you not in alignment?

Yes. If you just received a full chiropractic adjustment, in theory, you should be good to go! Everything aligned, and all electrical impulses firing at full force from the brain to every organ and system in your body.

The problem is that our human bodies are rarely textbook. In order for an adjustment to hold the muscles, tendons, and ligaments must hold the skeletal frame in place. The longer your body has been out of alignment or the more trauma has been experienced the more your body is being pulled by stiffness and muscle tension, back out of place. It can take some time to form the new muscle memory and get things to realign and stay that way so your frame fully supports you correctly.

Tight muscles are the top contributing factor to adjustments not holding in place. In fact, they can be so tight sometimes that you may not adjust at all. In long-standing cases and some car accidents, it can take ultrasound, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, and other modalities intermixed with chiropractic to get movement at all. Your body can be locked into a protective mode where it fears and is unable to release. In these cases, it can take a few visits before the desired realignment may be achieved as well as several after that to coax the body into its memory of how it was supposed to align itself in order to feel relief and get back to normal.

Many injuries require the patient to be an active participant in their recovery. This means listening to your chiropractor and performing any at-home physical therapy exercises they recommend. The stronger the area is muscularly the better realignment therapy works and the longer the adjustments will hold.

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