What IS Wellness?

What IS Wellness?

Most people these days would define wellness as not being sick. But really, just because you aren’t currently feeling sick or have been diagnosed with a disease, are you well?

Illness and disease don’t just magically spring up out of nowhere. They build gradually over time. Illness can spring from a genetic predisposition, food, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. It can be a compilation of all of them combined.

The thing is… there is always a root cause even though many times it is really tough to figure out what it is. Conventional medicine aims at treating the symptoms most of the time rather than rooting out and eradicating the cause.

Using Nutrition and Chiropractic is a good start to getting your body well again and an even better tool to use proactively to boost your immune system, your structural integrity, and your overall health and state of being.

While you aren’t sick you may not feel all that great either. Many people will answer the question as an “I’m fine” but then list things like not being able to sleep well, being tired all the time, feeling run down, or just not having as much energy as they used to. None of that is normal. All of it has the potential to be corrected.

The right time to begin chiropractic adjustments and scheduling a consultation with a nutritionist is the present. You can begin building the body and health of your dreams in just one phone call to the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. of Fort Myers, Florida.

Dr. Kaster can formulate an individual care plan that encompasses spinal health and nutrition in just one place. Easy to follow and effective all-natural non-drug based health care that really works.

Give the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. a call today at 239-332-2555 and get yourself feeling good again!

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