Do You Have a Weak Immune System?

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Do You Have a Weak Immune System?

Do you feel like you are constantly catching the next cold or flu that comes through while others remain healthy and strong? It seems very unfair. It can wear on you both physically and emotionally.

You may be dealing with a weakened immune system. Let’s take a look at the reasons your immunity may not be as high as it should be and how you can take steps to help correct it and get your body back in balance and your life back on track.

#1 The number one thing that will knock your immunity down is constant stress. Chronic stress increases cortisol levels which in turn decreases prostaglandins (a localized hormone that supports immune functions). Chronic stress makes you more susceptible to colds, heart issues, and other diseases.

#2 Junk Processed Chemical Foods

Refined sugars, processed foods, chemical additives, and pesticide and herbicide content in nonorganic foods can all break down your immune system. The ability for white blood cells to kill bacteria after eating these items is lessened for up to 5 hours after eating. If your food does contain pesticide or herbicide residue you are opening yourself up to a whole array of possible chronic conditions from headache to cancer.

#3 Alcohol consumption in excess

Excessive alcohol consumption also leads to your white blood cells not being able to do their job and kill off germs and invaders.

#4 Sleep

Think you are one of the few who doesn’t really need much sleep? Think again. We all need to sleep. It is when our bodies rest and repair. Poor sleep is linked to a reduction in T-cells – the white blood cells that fight off disease. It’s a quick route to illness.

#5 Obesity can break your immunity

Carrying too much weight is hard for every organ. If they are already fighting a battle daily just to move you around and function, if you are attacked by germs or viruses your body may not have enough ammo left to keep you well.

#6 A Sedentary Life

Exercise isn’t just to keep you looking good. Your body needs movement to be healthy. The increase in blood flow helps your body expel waste and toxins. It also helps build antibodies and white blood cells which stave off infections. At the very least take a walk daily.

#7 Overuse of medication

While sometimes prescription medications are a necessary evil, make no mistake, they are not good for you. Excessive overuse of antibiotics especially weakens your immune system and over time will no longer work. The same goes for fever fighting medications such as Tylenol.

#8 Dehydration

Not drinking enough water increases the percentage of toxins in the bloodstream and makes it harder for your body to clear them. Drink lots of water daily.

Now, if you drink plenty of water, don’t smoke or take prescription drugs, are not obese, sleep well, don’t drink other than occasionally, eat a healthy diet, and have done everything under the sun to reduce your stress and you still catch every cold, you may have an immune deficiency disease. These can be diagnosed by a blood test performed by your physician. There are specific treatments depending on the outcome of that test.

For the average person who just needs to boost their immunity, follow the recommendations above along with adding in chiropractic care to keep your body running its best, massage therapy, and consider meditation and yoga. Eat whole natural foods that boost immunity such as peppers, broccoli, citrus fruit, garlic, ginger, turmeric, spinach, yogurt, almonds, green tea, papaya, kiwi, chicken, sunflower seeds, and even shellfish.

Supplementation may also be beneficial as may a cleanse specifically designed for your state of health.

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