Treating Sciatica – Does the Pharmaceutical Approach Actually Work?

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Treating Sciatica – Does the Pharmaceutical Approach Actually Work?

Treating Sciatica – Does the Pharmaceutical Approach Actually Work?

Sciatica can distract you from your daily life. It is very painful and difficult to deal with.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition which is characterized by pain which can extend from the lower back all the way down into your leg. The pain is sharp and shooting and may go down the back, outside, or front of the leg. Onset is usually sudden following activities like heavy lifting, though gradual onset may also occur. It can make it hard to stand up or especially walk. It may feel as though your leg could give out if a shooting pain happens and is too strong and the fact is, that can indeed be the case.

If you are experiencing sciatica pain, please be extra carful as it can be a fall hazard.

For most when they begin to experience this type of pain will go to their family medical doctor. The medical intervention is usually Xray, MRI, to confirm diagnosis and then pain meds to control it and possibly muscle relaxers to help loosen things up. This may help you feel better short term, but it is only a band aid.

A recent article in the British Medical Journal shows that there may little effectiveness in this practice. For this study, researchers reviewed 23 studies that compared pills given as placebo to various medications for the treatment of sciatica.

The Results: The common result of all of the studies was that the pharmaceutical drugs were found to be no more effective than the placebo pills.

It was also important to note that though pain medication can dull pain it did not seem to help with the pain radiation down the legs which is the primary symptom of sciatica.

A 2010 study showed that chiropractic treatment posed no risk of damage yet showed many potential benefits for relief much like surgery though with surgery there is a healing down time and many risks depending on your overall health. We realize sciatica pain is unbearable and are so sorry you are going through this. Before you consider surgical intervention please give our office a call and let us evaluate you to see if chiropractic and conjunctive non invasive treatments may be able to help you.

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