Top Reasons Athletes Should See a Chiropractor Regularly

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Top Reasons Athletes Should See a Chiropractor Regularly

If you play sports or work out strenuously it is more important than you may realize to visit your chiropractor on a regular basis.

When we use our bodies to their fullest potential we are putting weight and strain on varied muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones.

#1 In order for all of it to work properly we have to be in alignment. Much like the tires on a car, if your alignment is off, you will get uneven wear and tear. Your vehicle (be it car or body) will overcompensate which causes strain and even potential injury.

Being active takes a toll on the body and competing and playing without being aligned can lead to detrimental long term health effects.

#2 Chiropractic can help boost your performance. That’s right. Regular adjustments allow your body to stay in peak condition treating minor symptoms before they become an issue.

#3 Chiropractic helps increase flexibility. Regular adjustments keep your joints and muscles more limber. This added flexibility helps to prevent injury and keep you moving the right way.

#4 Decrease in post-match / game pain and soreness. DOMS – Delayed onset muscle soreness is real. Be it in the gym or after a big game. 2-3 days later, you feel it. Being properly aligned takes the pressure off of all nerves and surrounding tissue making sure that any “pain” you feel is just from tired muscle not from potential subluxations which could cause damage.

#5 Treating Injury the natural way – without pharmaceuticals. Chiropractic relies on the active release technique, Graston technique, and electrical muscle stimulation to release the source of pain with no side effects. Medicating may make you feel better temporarily, but it’s just a band-aid. For inflammation take turmeric and bromelain as well as Arnica Montana for brushing and muscle soreness.

Your spine is the center of your body and at the center of your health. Keep it happy and aligned and everything else just falls into place.

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