The Pain of Texting

The Pain of Texting

While texting may be a pain once in a while in that you get tired of hearing beep beep beep constantly being called to your smartphone like Pavlov’s dog, for the purposes of this article we actually mean the physical pain texting can cause your body over time.

While the invention of smartphones and texting has made communication instant and readily available at the touch of your fingertips, the stronger the presence of technology in our daily lives the increased amount of time spent on these devices can cause health problems down the road. This includes finger pain, hand pain, neck pain, and even back pain.

As older adults, we did not grow up with cell phones, tablets, or some of us, even computers. We spent time outdoors, running around and playing as kids. Our bodies had the proper time to develop without being hunched over looking down all the time or our fingers constantly in motion. Kids today do not have that luxury. They are growing up and poising themselves in structurally odd positions for hours on end. This has a distinct effect on the way the body forms.

A staggering 200 billion text messages are sent a month in the USA alone. The average time on a smartphone per day is 80 minutes. This time only includes surfing the web and messaging it does not consider in phone calls.

75% of teenagers now have their own smartphone, sending over 100 texts per day. Back pain can come in to play from improper position when seated as well as the weight of loading backpacks with multiple devices on top of books. Laptops, iPads, cell phones, and gaming devices are all common.

  • If you are a heavy technology user of any age try some of these tips to give your body a much-needed break.

    Stretch your hands and fingers periodically and take breaks

  • Raise your screen to eye level rather than looking down and hunching
  • If you have a long email to write do it on a desktop rather than on your phone
  • Even if you work on a desk stop stand up hourly and stretch and walk around
  • Lighten your load as much as possible leaving non-needed gadgets at home for the day

Technology related pain can be helped and prevented by regular Chiropractic visits for adjustments.

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