You Could Have a Subluxation and Not Even Know It

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You Could Have a Subluxation and Not Even Know It

Vertebral subluxation complex is a misalignment within the body’s structure.  A subluxation may happen from a specific event or accident or it can develop over time from improper posture, sitting, standing, or repetitive motion such as sports or work. Stress, drug use, excessive alcohol intake pollutants and toxins all can play a part.

The Good News is…

That your chiropractor is trained in correction of subluxations. This is done through a variety of controlled, gentle adjustments. Getting adjusted will increase your range of motion and mobility moving your spine into the correct position to help support your body.
Subluxations can go unnoticed for years before warning signs appear and by then, much like a cavity forming in a tooth… its too late. Repair rather than correction may have to be done. This can include surgeries and physical therapy.

Subluxations are often found throughout the body. More than one subluxation is considered a VSC Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Correction of all VSCs help your nervous system function at full capacity. Your nervous system controls all functions of health in every tissue, cell, and organ within your body.

There are five components to VSC

  1. Malfunction of Joints – You may experience trouble bending, moving, turning, or twisting.
  2. Irritation of the nerves – A spine out of place can rub or pinch nerves. This can cause pain, tingling, numbness, or pins and needles.
  3. Impairment of Muscle function – Muscles may weaken or waste away. They also may become tight and go into spasm.
  4. Injury to Tissues – When the spine is out of alignment the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissues will suffer as well. You may develop inflammation and tenderness leading to pain.
  5. Degeneration – when left uncorrected the body will attempt to stabilize the area by growing new bone. Calcium deposits (bone spurs) can limit function and even fuse joints. Decay, scaring, and long-term nerve irritation can cause systems within the body to fail and break down.

Visiting your chiropractor regularly they will realign and treat any subluxations that you have. This leads to better health and wellness while being proactive in protecting yourself against illness and disease.

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