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Stretching for Better Health

As we age we lose flexibility. Some of it is due to genetics, but most of it is due to a change in lifestyle. When we are children, we run, jump, play, skip, do cartwheels, we are little monkeys who climb trees. Falls are easy to endure and we bounce right back up again.

As we get older we enroll in a school where we are mandated to sit still for hours on end and only play at recess. Eventually, we are deemed “too old for recess” and we sit all day long. As adults many of our jobs also require us to severely lack movement, working behind a desk or counter.

The old adage “If you don’t use it you lose it” is very true. The less you move, in turn, the less your body becomes able to move. Our muscles, tendons, and joints lose elasticity and range of motion gets shortened and hampered.

This decrease in range of motion and flexibility can lead to stiffness and even injury.

How do we combat this?

The simple answer is to move more and stretch. Get up hourly and walk around, stretch out, and make time for yourself, even at work. Quick breaks are fine but take them.

Take a stretching or yoga class. While it may seem slow paced compared to most exercise classes the benefits are numerous and it is really good for your body. Yoga is a natural pain reducer, can help to stabilize your blood pressure, help with not only flexibility but balance as well, it can lead to improved breathing, lessen stress, increase spinal health, boost mental health, increase circulation, help you sleep better and deeper, and even make you stronger.

Along with stretching – getting regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments and massages are an important aspect of body maintenance. Keeping everything in alignment and malleable helps stave off the feeling of “getting old” and worn out.

Ready to get going? – Give us a call to schedule your appointment today. Why wait? The time to take care of yourself is now.

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