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Stress Headaches? Chiropractic Can Help…

We are amidst one of the most stressful times in history for the American people. It is no wonder we are getting more and more calls from patients who need help with headaches.

Stress causes blood pressure to rise, tension to hold in your muscles, and your entire body to contract. It alone can cause headache issues. Now add to that if you happen to have a subluxation (misalignment) somewhere in your spine. Added pressure to something that is even slightly out of place can impinge on nerves and cause massively painful migraine-type headaches, not just tension.

Thankfully chiropractic is a wonderful way to help treat this condition. When combined with massage therapy the results can be miraculous.

Manual neck adjustments can free your spinal vertebra and allow them to move as intended without restriction. Blood flows freely to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even to your organs, including your brain once again.

When you are in alignment and things work properly as designed, you feel better and handle stress better overall.

Many people may be concerned about visiting a physician right now. We wanted everyone to know that we are still open at the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. and we take every precaution as outlined by the CDC in order to protect our patients as well as our staff.

Moving forward we are asking all patients that show any symptoms of illness to cancel their appointments until they have recovered. Follow up with your primary care physician and/or a COVID-19 testing location. 

Patients coming into the office, we request they wash their hands in the bathroom before signing in. The staff will be wearing construction masks to help protect both patients and staff until proper masks can be obtained. We have ordered a forehead thermometer and will be checking temperatures at check-in, once received. We have plenty of hand sanitizer at the office please use it. We are wiping down (Clorox wipes) the door handles, bathroom, and equipment frequently.

Give us a call and make your appointment. We would love to see you in the office. Don’t resign yourself to living through this with headaches.


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