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Sciatica – Surgery or Chiropractic

When living with the pain of sciatica patients will be living such a diminished quality of life that surgery becomes a viable option. Before considering it, know the risks and possible outcomes.

Most patients undergo the conventional sciatica surgery known as a microdiscectomy. Though the newer version of the surgery which is known as tubular discectomy has proven to be somewhat safer.

The question becomes how effective are these surgical methods once all is said and done. What is the patient improvement?

The AMA reports that the newer method may not be much better than the old style surgical fix. 328 patients who experienced sciatica due to lumbar disc herniations were split into two random test groups to have half performed the old way and half in the new style.

The two surgeries produced almost identical results in hospital time stay and recovery. 1 of every 10 had complications relating to the surgery.

Many studies have shown that chiropractic treatments and adjustments are an effective way to control and potentially eliminate sciatica pain in a non-invasive way.

Back in 2010, a study was done on just a small group containing 40 patients. 20 were assigned to surgical methods while the remaining 20 were assigned chiropractic treatment plans. 60% of the chiropractic group claimed to experience improvement with no side effects. This study leads to the recommendation that patients experiencing this type of pain opt for chiropractic treatments before opting for surgery, leaving it as a last resort.

Conservative non-invasive care such as chiropractic and massage before resorting to surgery can save you time, hassle, money and a lot of pain down the road. If you suffer from pain don’t wait. Call today 239-332-2555 and make an appointment to come into the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. and see what can be done for your case.

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