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Rheumatoid Arthritis & Chiropractic

RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) is a form of arthritis which is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body turns on itself and attacks the joints. This can cause tremendous inflammation and pain. If left untreated, over time degradation of the joints can take place. Joints can become unstable and the patient may experience a gradual lessening of mobility as well as deformation. Damage from this isn’t reversible. If you have been diagnosed with RA, the sooner you seek treatment the better the sustainable outcome and quality of life.

Surprisingly chiropractic is a wonderful way to lessen the effects of RA and over time, reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and even progression. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, nondrug form for the treatment of pain.

What Chiropractic can do for your RA symptoms

Inflammation Decreases – with less inflammation in the joint, motion is more normalized and proper nervous system function can be restored. Less inflammation means less pain.

Better Movement – RA’s signature symptom is a deteriorating range of motion. When a chiropractor is able to restore joint restrictions through manipulations it can help free up the normalized range of movement once again allowing for stretching and better circulation.

Nervous System Function Restored – The nervous system controls every organ in the body. When communication has a break down anywhere in the line, malfunction leading to disease can occur. In the case of RA the body literally feels that the joints are foreign invaders and must be dealt with to protect you. It can cause your immune system to work far harder than normal and lead to break down as well.

Nutrition and exercise – RA is helped with proper diet and nutrition and through movement. Dr. Kaster is happy to help in this department as well to get you feeling your best.

While chiropractic alone isn’t the one and only answer, if you are dealing with RA and feel like you have hit a dead end in getting any help or answers, visit your chiropractor. If you are in the Fort Myers, Florida area come see Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C.

Having someone on your side who understands the nature of the condition and who can help guide you to being able to help heal your body is invaluable. Give the office a call at 239-332-2555 or visit www.drkasters.com.

Chiropractor in Ft Myers, FL.

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. KasterChiropractic care is a safe, alternative treatment when applied appropriately. Chiropractic treatments help in dealing with the symptoms of many conditions. Are you going to wait for your symptoms to be felt, or are you going to prevent it as soon as possible?

Dr. Jason B. Kaster, a chiropractor in Fort Myers can help you and your family achieve their optimal health.

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