Quick Recovery For SI Joint Pain

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Quick Recovery For SI Joint Pain

D o you often experience a disturbing pain along your back, buttock, or thigh area? Or, perhaps, you find it quite difficult to sit on one place due to discomfort feeling?

If any of these signs are present, this might lead to one conclusion: you are suffering from sacroiliac joint or SI joint pain. If you are on the lookout for an effective solution to treat your SI joint pain and recover quickly, manual mobilization administered by a licensed chiropractor is believed to provide relief and lessen the pain.

In fact, there is a recent clinical study that found with the right application of manual and mechanical force manipulation, patients can benefit with favorable results after undergoing the said treatments.

For better understanding of SI joint pain, its symptoms and causes, some helpful facts have been provided below which will hopefully lead you to the most appropriate chiropractic treatment.

What is SI joint pain?

SI joint pain (or sacroiliac joint pain) is commonly referred to as inflammation of the two joints on each side of the sacrum (the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine) that connect with the pelvis (iliac crest). It is often the result of injury, repetitive motion, or overuse of the affected joint. The common diagnosis for patients with SI joint inflammation is ‘sacroilitis’, but other medical conditions that are linked to SI joint pain are arthritis of SI joint, infection, or sprains of the ligaments surrounding the SI joint.

Common symptoms of SI joint dysfunction

Determining whether you have SI joint dysfunction or not is quite difficult because there are certain symptoms of this disorder are similar to other low back pain problems. The common symptoms of SI joint dysfunction may include:

  • Low back pain
  • Thigh pain
  • Buttock pain
  • Unable to sit on one position for long periods of time due to pain

What causes SI joint pain?

There might be underlying health problems that could lead to the development of SI joint pain, but the following are the most common causes:

  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Injury of the ligaments due to motor vehicle accidents
  • Direct fall on the buttocks
  • Blow to the side of the pelvis
  • Injury of the cartilage lining
  • Childbirth in women

Chiropractic procedures for SI joint pain

There are various chiropractic procedures that are ideal for patients diagnosed with SI joint pain. Among the recommended chiropractic techniques used are:

  • Traditional chiropractic adjustments, known as ‘spinal manipulations’ or ‘high-velocity, low amplitude’ (HVLA) thrusts – This particular chiropractic adjustment is performed while the patient is on a lying position, usually on his or her side wherein the chiropractor creates an osseous (popping) sound as the adjustment is given, providing immediate relieving sensation to the patient.
  • Gentle or ‘low velocity, low amplitude’ thrusts (spinal mobilization) – this technique is more gentle because it only uses low-velocity manipulation and may consist of:
    • Gravity traction (use of padded blocks)
    • Respiratory-assisted adjusting, long-axis leg traction
    • A “drop” technique (use of a special chiropractic table)
    • Activator method
    • Flexion-Distraction technique
  • Adjunctive therapy – This method aims to reduce pain, improve function, and rehabilitate the patient’s overall condition in the areas of muscle strength and flexibility. Among the muscles that require therapy are:
    • Hamstrings (muscles along the back of the thigh)
    • Piriformis (pear-shaped muscle that is found at the upper back thigh bone to the sacrum)
    • Abductors (four muscles that are responsible to pull the legs together, from the pelvis to the thigh bone or knee)
    • TFL (tensor fascia lata muscle of the thigh)
    • Low back paraspinal muscles (muscles next to the lumbar spine)

Fort Myers and Naples, FL SI Joint Pain Treatment

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Naples Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. Kaster

Have you tried other treatments for SI joint pain? If you have been suffering for a long time from a SI joint syndrome and want a quick recovery, consult a reputable chiropractor to get proper diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, your chiropractor will perform an extensive physical examination, so that he or she could recommend the right chiropractic approach to treat the joint problem.

Keep in mind, seeking professional help is your first step to dealing the SI joint pain and preventing it from escalating into a worse condition.

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