Preventing Falls as You Age

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Preventing Falls as You Age

When we are kids, we run, we jump, we climb trees, we fall. It’s all ok, we just get right back up time and time again. We are resilient. Untouchable. Unbreakable. As we age we run less, we jump less, we play less. Our muscles tighten up, we become less flexible. Most adults never run or jump at all, unless they are in the gym or playing a specific sport.

The old adage “if you don’t use it you lose it” didn’t come out of the blue. It holds very true. The more movement you keep up, the stronger your body will be and the more able to sustain movements such as stretches, and even falls.

Weight-bearing exercise keeps your muscles strong but it also helps to keep your balance stable. The more stable your balance, the less likely you are to fall. Additionally, if you do fall, you are less likely to hurt yourself when you land. Without muscle mass, you are more likely to injure yourself through bruising or even bone breakage.

Not every type of exercise appeals to every person. Find something you enjoy doing and do it on a regular basis. Keep your body toned as you get older as well as in alignment with regular chiropractic visits and massage appointments to help minimize the risk of a fall. This goes for senior citizens as well.

Aging + Maintenance = Aging gracefully.


  • Of course, as we mentioned above, stay physically active.
  • Have your eyesight and hearing tested – if you get new glasses or contacts give yourself time to get used to them.
  • Check medication side effects – some can make you feel dizzy. If so, be extra careful.
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Get enough sleep
  • When standing, stand slowly
  • If you need a cane or walker – use it regularly
  • Quit smoking (it can lead to weaker bones among other health issues)
  • See your chiropractor and massage therapist regularly

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