You May Be Living with Subluxations

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You May Be Living with Subluxations

Subluxations are the medical term for misalignments in the skeletal structure. Subluxations can happen for a variety of reasons and the effects stemming from them can vary from patient to patient. The one commonality is that misalignments harm your health and wellbeing. They need to be corrected.

How to tell if you may be dealing with skeletal misalignments:

You have ongoing or recurring headaches

Headaches can occur due to misalignments of the spine. It can cause tension and pressure to build. If no release of tension is given, it often grows and reaches the base of the head causing headaches. Headaches that seemingly hit you out of nowhere can be the result of many things, but without any known cause, a subluxation may be your source.

You are dealing with neck or back pain

This is one of the most common symptoms of a spinal subluxation. Pain often slowly appears in the neck or back, or even both areas. The pain can range in severity, with some people experiencing only mild discomfort and others experiencing complete debilitation. If you’re suffering from pain in the back or neck, it may be time to suspect misalignment of the spine and get the help you need.

Limited range of motion

Stiffness, inflexibility and limited range of motion – these can all partner up with pain.

You may notice that performing usual daily habits are more difficult than usual. When in pain people tend to limit their exercise and become stationary. This lack of motion can actually make stiffness worse. If your flexibility is dwindling, getting your spine checked and aligned may be just the key.

How to take care of subluxations

If after reading this you suspect a subluxation, the best method to correct the problem is by getting immediate chiropractic care.

Chiropractors have the ability to locate and correct these problems. They will then use spinal manipulation techniques to adjust everything back into proper alignment. This should help to eliminate all of the resulting symptoms you are experiencing.

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