On the Job Injuries – Workman’s Compensation Claims

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On the Job Injuries – Workman’s Compensation Claims

Nothing can spoil your day like heading off to work only to get hurt.

If an injury happens while you are on the job it is vital that you go to human resources or your supervisor and report it right away. The injury could get worse or be more difficult to prove over time. A verbal notification is not enough you must do it in writing. Detail your injury and the incident in an email so its time and date stamped. Print a copy as well and give it to the employer for their files. This needs to be done as soon as you are able to. If you are not able at the time of the injury make sure to tell at least 2 other employees within the company that are in supervisory positions before having someone drive you or you drive your self for an examination.

Of course, the next step is to go see your doctor or go to the ER. Ask for an RWA – Report of Work Availability. This is very important for the determination of a workman’s compensation claim.

There are two types of Workman’s comp claims – Injury or disease. If you qualify depends on if the board sees your injury or illness as something that was caused due to an assignment of your position.

They define a qualifying injury as a “sudden and traumatic happening producing an immediate or prompt result established by medical evidence.” It’s an event that causes harm and is verifiable.

If you are injured on the job the sooner you get in to see a medical doctor, chiropractor, or go to the ER (depending on the type and severity of the injury) the stronger your case will be. If you are in the Fort Myers, Florida area come to see me, Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. 239-332-2555 just call the office and explain what it was that happened and that you are coming in with a claim via Workman’s compensation.

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