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How Inflammation Causes Pain

Believe it or not, its not injury or illness that are the main source of pain. It is inflammation. Inflammation happens when white blood cells are released into the blood in order to try and protect your tissues from foreign matter. Some of the chemicals (hormones bradykinin and histamine) in the white blood cells can cause a fluid leak deep into the body tissue. This results in swelling. It’s a protective process the body is trying to defend itself, the unfortunate side effect is over stimulation of nerves which cause pain.

It can happen with illness, infection, and injury as well as autoimmune disorders. Inflammation is an alarm. It’s a signal. Your body is trying to warn you that there is a problem. The best advice is to listen to it and work to figure out what it’s trying to tell you.

If you have pain in any part of the body. Its almost guaranteed you are experiencing inflammation.

While the natural healing process generally progresses, swelling subsides, bruising and cuts heal, and as the repair develops, the level of inflammation subsides. Sometimes though the cause of the inflammation may not be readily recognizable and may take time to diagnose, leaving you in pain.

Even some foods we eat can add to and even cause inflammation. Foods to avoid: Sugar, Saturated Fats, Trans Fats, Nitrates, Preservatives, Excess Sodium, Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Refined Carbohydrates (simple carbs), MSG, Gluten, Aspartame, and Alcohol. Instead, your diet should include vegetables, fish, grass-fed meats, omega-3’s, fruits, nuts and seeds, and of course plenty of clean fresh water.

There are also natural helpers by way of supplementation that can help to clear inflammation from the body. Cinnamon, Cumin, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onions, Bromelain, Vitamin C and other antioxidants. It is best to get most of your food intake from whole real foods rather than just supplements. Ice also works wonders when used topically for 10-20 minutes, repeated as necessary. While NSAID anti-inflammatories sold over the counter do bring relief, they actually make the healing process slower, so use them only as needed and if you can try capsules with turmeric and black pepper instead.

Exercise can also help to reduce inflammation as well as regular chiropractic care and massage therapy. You do not have to live with pain. It isn’t something one should simply “get used to”. Pain is not a part of the natural ageing process.

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