Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis: Chiropractic Care Can Help

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Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis: Chiropractic Care Can Help

S queaky joints, pain, and impaired range of limb motion are the common telltale signs of old age creeping in; which alerts you that in the near future a walking cane may be a part of must-have things as you leave the house every day.

Most of the time, these symptoms are characteristic of osteoarthritis; a condition that arises due to degeneration of the cartilage usually in the hip and knee joint.

Good to note though, is that osteoarthritis is not entirely due to aging but is an interplay of several factors including joint injury and genetics. The joint cartilage is a piece of tissue that stays in between two bones to prevent friction on each other and to facilitate smooth movement of the joint. Loss of this cartilage leads to development of such disease processes as osteoarthritis. It’s a painful condition and impairs quality of life because there is interference with your normal joint mobility.

It is of great importance therefore that adequate treatment is found in order to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. You’re probably wondering what will work for you from the diverse treatment options available. Among them, Chiropractic care has been found to offer significant relief for hip and knee osteoarthritis in more ways than one.

Since this disease condition is due to loss of joint cartilage, there is need for treatment that helps regenerate this important tissue. Chiropractic care does not exactly do this but its helpful benefits cannot be underscored. The specific causative factors of osteoarthritis remain largely unknown but are thought to be a combination of several factors including:

· Aging, where loss of joint cartilage occurs due to repeated wear and tear effect over time.

· Injury to a joint and joint overuse as in athletes who exercise excessively

· A positive family history of osteoarthritis

· Being overweight and obese

· Chemical and metabolic factors like hormonal imbalances

Osteoarthritis will typically manifest with signs and symptoms that include deep, aching joint pain aggravated by movement, swelling and warmth around the joint, decreased range of motion with morning stiffness, and muscle weakness. Other treatments apart from chiropractic care include medications, nutrition and dietary supplements, surgery, and physical therapy among other non-conventional treatment methods. Prevention still remains better than any cure, and in order to keep osteoarthritis at bay certain preventive measures should be incorporated into your life. These measures include losing weight or maintaining the appropriate weight, exercising regularly, and treating and taking care of an injured joint to prevent further damage on it.

Chiropractic care has been studied and approved to be of great significance in helping to treat osteoarthritis. One such study was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine in March 2011. The study aimed at finding the response to chiropractic care in a 70-year-old woman who had hip osteoarthritis. After a 12-week course of chiropractic care, the patient experienced increased range of motion at the hip joint, better balance and an improvement in speed of walking as well as better functionality.

Chiropractic care works optimally when given in combination with glucosamine supplements and exercise. The Chiropractic approach to addressing osteoarthritis involves such procedures as hip, knee and spinal manipulation, massage, passive stretching, and other forms of joint mobilization. Your chiropractor will work with you to help achieve the following:

· Alleviate pain and inflammation (swelling and redness) around the joint

· Improve joint range of motion

· Enhance mobility

· Calm and relax the muscles around the hip and knee joint

· Align the spine and restore its normal movement

In addition to these beneficial effects that chiropractic care has to offer, your chiropractor can be of greater help than is expected. This happens as they offer you professional counseling on exercise, lifestyle modification, and other forms of therapy that enhance treatment.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from osteoarthritis? We can help to increase your mobility and reduce the pain in your joints. Call Dr. Kaster today to make an appointment.

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