Help for Clicking Grinding Painful Knees

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Help for Clicking Grinding Painful Knees

As we begin to age our knees are one of the first areas that can begin to show signs of wear and tear.

To what point greatly depends on genetics and activity levels throughout our younger years. If you run, jog, have a job that keeps you on your feet all day or have other hobbies or habits that are hard on your joints it can increase the tendency to “wear out” your joints.

When your knees hurt, there is no normal daily life, every step and move hurts. In the last decade, the number of knee replacement surgeries has tripled and many patients are only middle-aged, not seniors as one might expect.

The procedure is expensive and invasive. Fortunately, there is help if you seek treatment early at the first signs of knee pain, you may be able to avoid painful surgery and recovery.

Studies have shown that through the use of regular chiropractic adjustments help can be found for patients with osteoarthritis, reporting a significant reduction in pain intensity as well as lessened grinding and clicking sensations and noises.

Mobility was shown to be enhanced making daily life easier. In opposition to surgery, chiropractic shows no adverse reactions or side effects. What chiropractic does is restore normalized joint alignment which reduces wear and tear, grinding, and resulting inflammation and pain. Exercise and stretches may be recommended to help restore fluid to the joints and increase flexibility. 

We look forward to helping you feel better and walk easier. There is never a good reason to just deal with and live in pain. Painkillers and opioids just cover the problem like a band-aid. Chiropractic can help you find real lasting relief. If you have chronic knee pain resulting from osteoarthritis please give the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. a call today 239-332-2555 or visit to learn more about his practice.


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