Good Posture – Are you Sure You Have it?

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Good Posture – Are you Sure You Have it?

“Sit up straight!” Exclaimed nearly every parent and teacher in the course of history.

They were of course right. Sitting up and standing up straight are best for your health and physiology. Keeping your posture straight and your spine in alignment may not seem very important when you are younger, but learning to keep your body in proper form when you are young will help to form the muscles and hold that form as you age which becomes increasingly important.

To make sure your posture is in line stand up tall with your shoulders down, not scrunched up to your neck.  Keep your spine in a neutral position and brace your abdomen. Always keep your knees slightly bent, never locked.

When sitting, consider the same. Sit for a second on the front edge of your chair and straighten your back, feet on the floor. While most office chairs do offer back support that is what your muscles are designed for, to support you. When typing along sit forward comfortably, shoulders lose, and make sure the desk and keyboard, as well as the mouse, are at a comfortable level so your arms form a 90-degree angle.

Stand and stretch often.

When walking wear good footwear and consider getting custom orthotics made as inserts for your shoes. They can make a big difference in not only how your feet feel, but in how your entire body feels at the end of the day.

If you constantly sit hunched over your muscles weaken, and your spine will begin to curve – permanently. You see older people who have that curve and while it’s not only or always from bad posture that sure does play a part over a lifetime.

So sit up straight and visit your chiropractor regularly!

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