The Fix for Tight Hamstrings

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The Fix for Tight Hamstrings

Whether you just started working out and your legs are sore, you sit all day for work, or just by way of life, in general, our muscles get tighter than they should be and leave us feeling uncomfortable and stiff. That stiffness and rigidity lend itself to a tightening up and down that side of the body and up into the hip region. When hips get tight they can twist one direction or the other throwing the gate of your walk off. This can lead to undue wear and tear on your body, inflammation, and eventually pain.

The answer? – Stretching. Before you even get adjusted by your chiropractor the more you can stretch and loosen things up, the better.

Let’s take a look at two different stretches used to loosen the hamstring muscles. They require no gym equipment and only the ability to lay down on (and of course get back up from) the floor and the open space of a doorframe.

*****PLEASE NOTE: If you have ANY issues with Sciatica and your Sciatic Nerve (feeling where you are getting shooting pains down or up your leg from hip to ankle please do not do this stretch. It could make you feel worse.) Instead please use the Hip Rotator (Piriformis) Stretch or The Knee to Chest Stretch.

Exercise # 1 – 

Exercise # 2 – 

Continue each stretch for five minutes per leg for maximum results, but start out slowly and do what you can. You may experience slight numbness and or tingling in the back of the calf, this is normal. This stretch should not be done if you have lower back or sciatic pain already. Please ask me for additional options that are safer.

Performing these stretches on a regular basis will keep you loose and limber and more able to easily move throughout life. They are also helpful for sports performance.

Stretching along with regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can help throughout your life to keep your body working at its most optimal levels.

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