Finding a New Chiropractor in Southwest Florida

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Finding a New Chiropractor in Southwest Florida

It can be a daunting task, especially when you relocate to a new town or city, to re-find all of the people and services you need. A primary care doctor, a new dentist, a mechanic you actually trust, a new Chiropractor and massage therapist, the list goes on.

Word of mouth is always the best reference. Personally knowing a patient who is happy and pleased with their results is priceless. The truth is Chiropractors are much like lawyers… you aren’t sure if you have a good one until its sometimes too late. You have already plunked down the initial payment and spent the time for the appointment.

Second best is research – gathering all the information on a doctors practice and finding out their track record. If you are in the Southwest, Florida area we can save you a bit of time and effort.

Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. has been in business right here locally as a Chiropractor in Fort Myers, Florida for the past 15 years. His patients love him and go back time and time again, year after year, even driving from Naples and Marco Island to see him and get an adjustment.

His staff is friendly and very helpful. When you call you may talk with Morgan his Chiropractic Assistant, Melanie his Licensed Massage Therapist who works in-house, or Karen his long-standing amazing office manager. They are all eager to help and get you on the path to health.

His office features state of the art technology in health care. A Hydromassage Bed, a Spinal Decompression Therapy Table, Ultrasound, Interferential Electro-Therapy, Iontophoresis, and even Laser Therapy right along side of traditional methods such as Cryotherapy, Inter-segmental Traction, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Evaluation, Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, and of course Chiropractic Adjustments including Activator Technique, Axial Distraction, Diversified Technique, Neurodiagnostics / Electrodiagnosis, Flexion / Distraction Technique, Ischemic Compression, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Myofascial Release, Thompson Technique, and Therapeutic Stretching.

With years of experience and a traceable trail of healed patients Dr. Kaster, D.C. of Fort Myers, FL is the one to choose. Give him a call today at 239-332-2555

Chiropractor & Nutritionist in Fort Myers, FL.

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. KasterChiropractic care is a safe, alternative treatment when applied appropriately. Chiropractic treatments help in dealing with the symptoms of many conditions. Are you going to wait for your symptoms to be felt, or are you going to prevent them before they start?

Dr. Jason B. Kaster, a chiropractor, and nutritionist in Fort Myers can help you and your family achieve their optimal health.

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