Your Emotions May Be Making You Sick

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Your Emotions May Be Making You Sick

Do you deal with your feelings and let them out to be known or do you stifle them, and try and sweep them under the rug, just to move on with things?

If you don’t allow yourself to feel whatever you feel, process it, and then let it go you are doing yourself a great disservice. Pushing “bad” feelings down doesn’t make them go away. It’s like tossing unwanted objects into a closet. Yes, it may get them out of the way, out of sight and work for a while, but eventually, that closet gets full – too full. It may not close and when you open it an avalanche of crap may tumble out, burying you.

Emotional health has a direct effect on your physical health, over time. Emotions tend to work like an echo. Your sickness of today may just be your build up of non dealt with feelings of yesterday. And by yesterday, I do not mean that literally, it can be building up for years and in turn, begins to eat away at the self.

We are such a busy society. We focus on work, kids, school, jobs, life in general, keeping our family happy, and keeping it all together. We juggle, we schedule, we have trouble sleeping and feel rushed quite a bit of the time. We forget the most important person in our life many times. Ourselves.

Being selfish has gotten such a bad connotation. It has taken on the meaning of not caring about anyone but yourself and is therefore marked into the checkbox of being a bad person. The truth is, you need to not be selfless all the time. YOU are important. If you don’t take care of yourself no one else is going to do it. Eventually, lack of self-care or “selfishness” often leads to breakdown – either emotionally or physically due to stress.

Take care of yourself. Take the time to check in with yourself and your body and how you are feeling. When someone who actually does care about you asks “how are you?” Don’t just get stuck on auto-respond of “fine”. If you aren’t fine. Say so. Let it out, talk about it. So many of us are like teakettles ready to explode. Venting lets out that steam and you may be surprised to find out that people really do actually care and are able to empathize.

Along with the emotional side of health is the physical – it is a balance. Remaining in proper alignment by way of regularly scheduled chiropractic and massage appointments can go a long way in not only restoring but in maintaining your health.

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