The Damaging Effects of Forward Head Posture

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The Damaging Effects of Forward Head Posture

Forward head postures is sometimes referred to has FHP. The overall effect of posture on health has become apparent.  It can create spine pain, headaches, mood swings, high blood pressure, reduced lung capacity, an elevated pulse, and even pain.

We live in a forward facing world. 

We work at computers – Most of our jobs involve technology. Make sure it doesn’t take its toll on your health.

Watch TV for hours – Many of us watch hour upon hour of television, especially lately. Balance it with some movement!

Play video games – Its easy to get sucked in an accidentally spend a few hours staring at a screen, especially when you are winning. Take a break!

Use our phones and other devices – we are all guilty of doing way too much of this daily. Be it for work or personal. Remember to put them down and stretch regularly.

Carry heavy backpacks – kids are asked to carry bags that can weigh up to 30 lbs. this forces the head forward as a counter balance especially damaging in kids as they are still developing.

All can contribute to a forward head posture that is not natural or good for the body.

These repetitive movements will strengthen nerve pathways in one direction. This posture can be caused by trauma or repetitive movement. Either way the body relearns, incorrectly, that the head should be jutted forward making it unbalanced, weighing heavily on the body.

Ideally the head should sit on the neck and shoulders like a golf ball set on a tee. The weight of the head is balanced and easily shouldered by the body with no strain. When you move that ball (or your head) forward, it strains the neck, shoulders, and back.  This can result in isometric fatigue.  It causes the neck muscles to lose blood flow and become fatigued or even damaged. It can also cause a burning sensation and even lead into fibromyalgia. It flattens the normal curve of the neck resulting in disc compression and even TMJ (jaw pain).

If left uncorrected this change can become permanent.

FHP can be corrected but it does take time and is not an instant fix. The first step is to come in to the office for a proper examination and evaluation. Give the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. a call at Kaster Chiropractic and Associates today at 239-332-2555 or visit us online at to learn more!

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