Chiropractic Help for Cervicogenic Headaches

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Chiropractic Help for Cervicogenic Headaches

Headache got you down?

Cervicogenic headaches originate at the back of the neck/base of the spine. They are often a result of a sudden trauma such as whiplash resulting from a car crash. They may also be a result of slip and falls or even age-related disc degeneration.

Researchers in a new study worked closely with 80 patients who suffered with cervicogenic headaches. These patients were divided into two groups. One received light massage techniques, the other chiropractic adjustments. Those who received massage did not improve as drastically as those who were adjusted. The chiropractic group reported less pain and scored a 50% improvement overall.

This also translated to a 33% lessened medication usage and a 50% less recurring headache statistic. This is attributed to the fact that chiropractic can help restore normal function and flexibility to the spine which can help to relieve this type of head pain.

If you are suffering from ongoing headaches following a car accident or other trauma, don’t medicate – treat. Come see us at the office of Kaster Chiropractic in Fort Myers, Florida. Give the office a call at 239-332-2555 to schedule your consultation and appointment today.

In Florida, you only have 14 days following an accident to initiate treatment and be covered under the personal injury protection rider on your car insurance. Don’t let insurance forms intimidate you. Let us do all the paperwork for you.

While you may feel fine directly following an accident you may begin to feel injuries and injured areas in the days and weeks following. Even if you feel fine, it costs you nothing out of pocket to go get checked out. Choosing not to and realizing later that you are in pain could end up costing you a small fortune if it’s after the 14-day mark.

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