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Chiropractic Help for ADHD

While not all of the medical community believes that chiropractic can help with ADHD symptoms, chiropractors do. Realigning subluxations helps your entire body to work better. This includes the electrical impulses sent to the brain via your nerves.

Studies report a link between improved symptoms and improving behaviors in children diagnosed ADHD while undergoing chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments and other adjacent therapies are performed during chiropractic care. Many patients, as well as their parent’s patients, report improvements in their children’s attitudes, ability to pay attention, and overall improvement in behavior while under chiropractic care.

Along with adjustments, it is important to work with your chiropractor and nutritionist to get your child’s diet in line with what helps rather than has been shown to hinder progress. We really are what we eat and when you have a condition such as ADHD its vital that your body, especially a young growing body, get the proper nutrients on a daily basis.

On the flip side of that, there is the standard western medicine belief in treatment that the best course of treatment is medication. The general outcome of a doctor visit and diagnosis of ADHD is the prescription being written for ADHD drugs like Ritalin and Adderall. Both have been linked to loss of weight as well as stunted growth rates. These medications may also affect children’s social and creative development. They are both addictive and can have side effects that are unwanted.

6 million U.S. children have been diagnosed with ADHD. Of those 6 million, 4 million U.S. children are taking prescription medications. This is a highly disturbing trend.

Natural foods, supplements, and chiropractic have no side effects. While you may not notice a difference in the first session the way you may when your child pops a pill, please be aware that those pills have lasting repercussions well into your child’s lifetime. While medications can at times be necessary, you are conditioning your children to take a pill to fix a problem, real or perceived. Many schools no longer have recess programs to allow children, who need breaks on a real physiological and physical level to be able to move around and burn off their natural energy. Expecting them to be able to sit for hours on end and pay attention is asking too much and non-conducive to learning.

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