Chiropractic Care IS Health Insurance

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Chiropractic Care IS Health Insurance

It is truly bizarre how twisted the meaning of some things have become in modern day society. Health Insurance – the literal meaning would be something that ensures your health. If we look at our current policies for “Health Insurance”, there is very little in there that is preventative care or maintenance related.

Included in most policies is a yearly wellness check up which consists of little more than a 15-to-20-minute visit with a physician who will ask you a few questions, take your height, weight, blood pressure, and vitals and then send you out the door till next year. They also include a colonoscopy and mammogram recommendation, which are there to look for specific forms of cancer.

None of these things do anything to increase or boost your health and wellbeing. They only seek to find problems already in progress.

If you are looking for actual care which helps assure your current and future wellbeing, what you are looking for is chiropractic. Chiropractic care gently adjusts the body back into proper alignment. When your skeletal structure is fully in alignment it means there are no subluxations or impingements and your nervous system (which controls every organ in the body including the brain) can send the needed electrical signals to keep everything working properly and in good health.

When these signals are dampened or cut off entirely your body loses the ability to properly transmit signals and disease and illness are the eventual results as well as the wear and tear of an ongoing misalignment causing other parts of the body to over-compensate and work harder than they should have to.

Regular chiropractic adjustments help your body continually work the way it was designed. This includes the immune system. Studies over the years have proven that chiropractic boosts immunity and helps it hold strong though cold and flu season. This goes for COVID as well. When your defense system is up and strong you are far less likely to get sick.

The true meaning of health insurance is taking care of yourself in an ongoing fashion. Not waiting till you get sick, fall ill, or start noticing symptoms. The time take care of yourself is now.

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