Chiropractic Can Help Heal Birth Trauma and Boost Immunity

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Chiropractic Can Help Heal Birth Trauma and Boost Immunity

Every new mother wants the best for their baby to be. This means thinking about care before your little bundle of joy is even here yet.

In recent years C-section deliveries have become more common. Along with these C-sections we also have noted chronic diseases that affect immunity and the immune system like allergies, asthma, and IBS have also gained frequency.

C-­sections are often life-saving necessary procedures, their overuse can have public health implications. Over the last 35 years researchers in Denmark have studied the lasting effects of this procedure. Some of the ramifications include leukemia, immune issues, IBS, juvenile arthritis, asthma, and connective tissue disorders.

So far, the reason for the correlation remains a mystery. One theory is that by not pushing through the birth canal, the babies’ spines may never be manipulated into the right position.

Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can make for a smoother experience. It can also help the body be prepared for labor and delivery. Spinal manipulation helps to strengthen the mother’s back while a specialized chiropractic adjustment known as Webster’s Technique can help ensure the baby is facing the right way, reducing the chances of a C-section.

Even when children are delivered naturally, they could still need an adjustment to get correctly positioned. We provide gentle, but effective, non-invasive, drug-free treatments that alleviate many common infant discomforts such as colic and digestive issues as well as chronic ear infections and other immunity issues.

Make your appointment now no natter where you are in your pregnancy

At Kaster Chiropractic and Associates, we assist women to have easier pregnancies and deliveries.

If you are an expecting or new mother who would like to learn more about our chiropractic services and if they can help you or your child, please contact us at 239-332-2555 to schedule an appointment for an assessment.


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