Can’t Sleep? Chiropractic Can Help

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Can’t Sleep? Chiropractic Can Help

Do you head to bed hopeful for a good night’s rest only to toss and turn getting more and more frustrated as the night turns in to morning? If so, we have some good news for you. Scheduling an appointment with your chiropractor doesn’t just help an aching back or a sore neck, it can actually help improve your sleep quality.

Studies indicate that as many as 1/3 of those who receive adjustments regularly get a better night’s sleep nightly on average. Best yet, those results are immediate.

Is Chiropractic Right For You?

If it is any type of physical discomfort that is keeping you awake, the answer is almost certainly a yes. Chiropractic treatments help to alleviate discomfort while improving blood flow and promoting relaxation. Certain types of anxiety can also be helped through chiropractic and nutrition supplementation.

Your chiropractor may be able to offer suggestions for getting better sleep including weaning yourself of stomach sleeping, getting a more supportive mattress, using a specially designed pillow, and helping you decide on the best sleep position for you. Nutrition may also play a part when your body is properly fueled and not deficient in any vitamins or minerals it simply works better.

This advice goes for both adults and children. 40% of infants are reported to experience deeper calmer longer sleep patterns after just one session with a chiropractor. When your baby sleeps better – you can catch some Z’s as well.


Chiropractic visits are covered by many health insurance plans, so call and find out. The office of Dr. Kaster also takes into consideration those who are uninsured or underinsured by offering very reasonable cash discount prices as well.

If you aren’t sleeping all night and waking up feeling refreshed you are selling yourself short. Over time it will wear you out and potentially cause more health issues. Come in today and get the sleep you so dearly need.

Chiropractor | Nutritionist in Ft Myers, FL

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. KasterChiropractic care is a safe, alternative treatment when applied appropriately. Chiropractic treatments help in dealing with the symptoms of many conditions. Add to that, nutritional recommendations that can help your body heal itself. Are you going to wait for your symptoms to be felt, or are you going to prevent it as soon as possible?

Dr. Jason B. Kaster, a chiropractor in Fort Myers can help you and your family achieve their optimal health.

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