Back Pain and its Every Day Causes

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Back Pain and its Every Day Causes

Have you ever woken up with your back sore, moved the wrong way and felt pain, or simply had a sudden onset? If so you are far from alone.

According to a survey was done which asked just over 2,000 people with back pain about their issues and were told that 25% of the group had to stop doing housework and sex became impossible due to increased pain levels. Another 22% had to stop work and 35% admitted that the pain caused them to become grouchy with others.

The good news is, by making some lifestyle adjustments, you can avoid sacrificing things you love to do and need to do in your daily life.

There are many things that can cause you to have aches and pains – even things that may seem insignificant like smoking or missing hours of sleep for a few days in a row.

That’s right, we said smoking.

Your spinal column is made of intervertebral fibrocartilages that lie between adjacent vertebrae. Those are called spinal discs. They tend to deteriorate faster in those who smoke. Deterioration means discomfort.

Exercising Infrequently

Going hard at the gym when your body doesn’t do it on a regular basis is asking for injury. If you only work out once in a while, go light. Save the harder workouts for when you can make it more of a regular affair and always stretch to warm up.

Carrying Children

As your child grows, their weight starts to exert a lot of force on your spine. If your child squirms, you’re often forced to twist and bend. That can result in pain.

Always keep your shoulders over your pelvis when lifting your child.

Occasional, a slight twisting of your body won’t usually cause damage. Those who twist their body too often may cause micro-traumas to their lower back. Over time, the cumulative effect may be spinal damage.

Not Enough Sleep

Spinal discs need 7 hours of sleep to get properly hydrated. When you are awake, the water supply depletes rapidly. Sleep is important. Along with that having a good mattress that supports your spine in a straight line keeping you in proper alignment is also highly beneficial. A bad mattress can really hurt your back over time.

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