Will Chiropractic Benefit My Baby’s Health?

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Will Chiropractic Benefit My Baby’s Health?

While people may wonder if it is ok to bring their small child and even a baby to a chiropractor, the fact is that the sooner you begin with chiropractic adjustments the better off your child will be for life.

The experience of birthing – actually passing through the birth canal is traumatic to the body. The pressure is immense as can be pushing, twisting, or even pulling. Not everyone arrives so easily. It is easy for the spine to move slightly out of alignment causing subluxations.

Whatever condition you are born in is your base. It most certainly benefits you to have a straight aligned spine from the start.

Our Spinal column and the nerves are responsible for the function of every system and organ’s automatic and conscious reaction. When aligned this beautiful machine works perfectly. Putting a bend in the wires can slow or halt electrical impulses. This works much like stepping on a garden hose, the water won’t come out. It can lead to problems. If your baby is always crying and fussy, they may have a subluxation. They can’t communicate and are trying in the only way that they can to tell you something is wrong.

What Chiropractic Can Help Babies With

Adjustments can be made as soon as they are born. It is a great idea for all new children to see the family chiropractor as soon as possible. Here are some signs you may notice which signal that they could benefit from an adjustment:

Arching of the back – Babies natural shape is an adaptable flexible body position which allows them to hug tight to their mother. If your baby seems stiff or keeps arching, it may be a sign of pain or tension.

Colic – Often times an adjustment will help them feel better overall and ease the body’s tension and soothe them to stop crying. Though there is no known accepted medical cause chiropractic often helps.

Constipation / Diarrhea / Sick to the Stomach  The ileocecal valve may need to be adjusted. If it is stuck open, these are the symptoms.

Tilted head – Restricted neck movement is indicated by a head tilt. This can also contribute to flat spots on the head. Seeing a Chiropractor should help unlock a full range of motion.

Breast Feeding Trouble – If your baby is having trouble latching or can only tilt their head to one side an adjustment helps to increase the range of motion.

Avoid Future dental work – Dental tooth alignment problems can be avoided by taking your baby to see your chiropractor while their mouth is still soft and forming. They can adjust the roof and palate of the mouth allowing teeth to be guided in, straight.

If you have a child in your family, we would love to meet you and get them on the best path to health throughout their life.

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